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Motofoni provides advanced and safer riding skills for exprienced riders. The class content is class room training, improving control skills, on road observation and advices via intercom and gopro cameras.

Defensive Riding

Defensive Riding Trainings"Defensive Riding" is the strategy of preventing the riders from getting involved in the accident. In order to prevent a typical motorcycle accident, all maneuvers need to be completed in less than 2 seconds.

For this reason, advanced information is necessary for drivers conveyed with the theoretical training content.

Motorcycle control dominance is provided, by which the automation of motorcycle controls in traffic is provided,;the observation and attention are directed to the perception of the hazards that may occur entirely in traffic. On road training, especially the perception of danger, making plans to move to safer positions, development and positioning of observation ability are covered.

Below you will find the theory training content of the main topics.

1. Motorcycle selectionDefensive Riding Trainings2. Protection
3. Features of being a good rider
4. Motorcycle components and their effect on riding
5. Motorcycle physics laws
6. Personalize the motorcycle
7. Turning techniques
8. Improve the perception of danger
9. Attention
10. Motorcycle Control System
11. Planning, Observation
12. Braking and its results
13. Cornering techniques
14. Various types of positioning
15. Corner lines
16. Motorway riding
17. Night riding
18. To comply with the requirements
19. Speed and safety